Yamaha Starting Frame VIN Number and Engine Serial Numbers

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Below is a lookup table to identify the make model and year of your Yamaha ATV. This data covers all ATV models from 1980 to 1997.

VIN Engine Serial Model
JY41HN00*GC000101 1HN-0000101 1986 YF60 S 4-Zinger
36R-0000101 36R-0000101 1984 YT60 L Tri-Zinger
JY336R00*FC063101 36R-0063101 1985 YT60 N Tri-Zinger
JY455X00*FC000101 55X-0000101 1985 YFM80 N Badger
JY455X00*GC050101 55X-0050101 1986 YFM80 S Badger
JY42FJ00*HC000101 2FJ-0000101 1987 YFM80 T Badger
JY42FJW0*JC050101 2FJ-0050101 1988 YFM80 U Badger
JY44EMW0*NA000101 4EM-0000101 1992 YFM80 D Badger
JY44EMW0*PA017101 4EM-0017101 1993 YFM80 E Badger
JY44EMW0*RA032101 4EM-0032101 1994 YFM80 F Badger
JY44EMW0*SA045101 4EM-0045101 1995 YFM80 G Badger
JY44EMW0*TA057101 4EM-0057101 1996 YFM80 H Badger
JY44EMW0*VA079115 4EM-0079115 1997 YFM80 J Badger
JYA2HX00*HC000101 2HX-0000101 1987 YFM100 T Champ
JY42HXW0*JC050101 2HX-0050101 1988 YFM100 U Champ
JY43GBW0*KC000101 3GB-0000101 1989 YFM100 W Champ
JY43GBW0*LC027101 3GB-0027101 1990 YFM100 A Champ
JY43GBW0*MC044101 3GB-0044101 1991 YFM100 B Champ
JY43GBW0*MA046642 3GB-0046642 1991 YFM100 B Champ
JY43FAW0*KC000101 3FA-0000101 1989 YFA1 W Breeze
JY43FAA0*MC044101 3FA-0044101 1991 YFA1 B Breeze
JYA3FAA0*MA045209 3FA-0045209 1991 YFA1 B Breeze
JY43FAA0*NA047101 3FA-0047101 1992 YFA1 D Breeze
JY43FAA0*PA056101 3FA-0056101 1993 YFA1 E Breeze
JY43FAA0*RA063101 3FA-0063101 1994 YFA1 F Breeze
JY43FAA0*SA069101 3FA-0069101 1995 YFA1 G Breeze
JY43FAA0*TA078101 3FA-0078101 1996 YFA1 H Breeze
JY43FAA0*VA091785 3FA-0091785 1997 YFA1 J Breeze
3X3-0000101 3X3-0000101 1980 YT125 G Tri-Moto
4U3-0000101 4U3-0000101 1981 YT125 H Tri-Moto
5V6-0000101 5V6-0000101 1982 YT125 J Tri-Moto
21Y-0000101 21Y-0000101 1983 YT125 K Tri-Moto 125
21Y-0050101 21Y-??????? 1984 YT125 L Tri-Moto 125
JY321Y00*FC070101 21Y-0070101 1985 YT125 N Tri-Moto 125
5V7-0000101 5V7-0000101 1982 YT175 J Tri-Moto 175
20E-0000101 20E-0000101 1983 YT175 K Tri-Moto 175
24W-0100101 24W-??????? 1984 YT175 L Tri-Moto 175
JY452H00*FC000101 52H-0000101 1985 YFM200 N Moto-4
JY41NU00*GC000101 1NU-0000101 1986 YFM200DX S Moto-4
JY42FH00*HC000101 2FH-0000101 1987 YFM200DX T Moto-4
JY42VYA0*JC000101 2VY-0000101 1988 YFM200DX U Moto-4
JY43GCA0*KC000101 3GC-0000101 1989 YFM200DX W Moto-4
JYA2XJW0*JC000101 2XJ-0000101 1988 YFS200 U Blaster
JY43JMW0*KC000101 3JM-0000101 1989 YFS200 W Blaster
JY43JMA0*LC046101 3JM-0046101 1990 YFS200 A Blaster
JY43JMA0*MC091101 3JM-0091101 1991 YFS200 B Blaster
JY43JMA0*MA098532 3JM-0098532 1991 YFS200 B Blaster
JY43JMA0*NA113101 3JM-0113101 1992 YFS200 D Blaster
JY43JMA0*PA142101 3JM-0142101 1993 YFS200 E Blaster
JY43JMA0*RA160101 3JM-0160101 1994 YFS200 F Blaster
JY43JMA0*SA179101 3JM-0179101 1995 YFS200 G Blaster
JY43JMA0*TA206101 3JM-0206101 1996 YFS200 H Blaster
JY43JMA0*VA245941 3JM-0245941 1997 YFS200 J Blaster
21V-0000101 21V-0000101 1983 YTM200 K Tri-Moto 200
21V-0100101 21V-??????? 1984 YTM200 L Tri-Moto 200
JY321V00*FC160101 21V-0160101 1985 YTM200 N Tri-Moto 200
24W-0000101 24W-0000101 1983 YTM200E K Yamahauler 200
24W-0100101 24W-??????? 1984 YTM200E L Yamahauler 200
JY352G00*FC000101 52G-0000101 1985 YTM200ER N Yamahauler 200
JY459V00*GC000101 59V-000101 1986 YFM225 S Moto-4
JY42HT00*HC000101 2HT-0000101 1987 YFM225 T Moto-4
JY42HTW0*JC040101 2HT-0040101 1988 YFM225 U Moto-4
JY31NV00*GC000101 1NV-0000101 1986 YTM225DR S Tri-Moto
29U-0000101 29U-0000101 1983 YTM225DX K Tri-Moto 225 DX
29U-0060101 29U-??????? 1984 YTM225DX L Tri-Moto 225 DX
JY329U00*FC100101 29U-0100101 1985 YTM225DX N Tri-Moto 225 DX
? 29U-??????? 1986 YTM225DX S Tri-Moto
JY43JNA0*KC000101 3JN-0000101 1989 YFU1 W Pro Hauler
JY43JNA0*KC020101 3JN-0020101 1989 YFU1 W Pro Hauler W/ Turf Tires
JY44BDA0*NA000101 4BD-0000101 1992 YFB250 D Timberwolf
JY44BDA0*PA058101 4BD-0058101 1993 YFB250 E Timberwolf
JY44BDA0*RA113101 4BD-0113101 1994 YFB250 F Timberwolf
JY44BDA0*SA148101 4BD-0148101 1995 YFB250 G Timberwolf
JY44BDA0*TA203101 4BD-0203101 1996 YFB250 H Timberwolf
JY44KDA0*RA000101 4KD-0000101 1994 YFB250FW F Timberwolf 4WD
JY44KDA0*SA034101 4KD-0034101 1995 YFB250FW G Timberwolf 4WD
JY44KDA0*TA077101 4KD-0077101 1996 YFB250FW H Timberwolf 4WD
JY44KDA0*VA105995 4KD-0105995 1997 YFB250FW J Timberwolf 4WD
JY44BDA0*TA203101 4BD-0203101 1996 YFB250U H Timberwolf
JY44BDA0*VA286371 4BD-0286371 1997 YFB250U J Timberwolf
JY43GHA0*KC000101 3GH-0000101 1989 YFM250 W
JY43GHA0*LC064101 3GH-0064101 1990 YFM250 A Moto-4
JY43GHW0*MC092101 3GH-0092101 1991 YFM250 B
JY43GHW0*MA097952 3GH-0097952 1991 YFM250 B
JY338W00*FC000101 38W-0000101 1985 YTZ250 N Tri-Z 250
JY31RX00*GC000101 1RX-0000101 1986 YTZ250 S Tri-Z 250
JY41YW00*HC000101 1YW-0000101 1987 YFM350ER T Moto-4
JY42VAW0*JC000101 2VA-0000101 1988 YFM350ER U Moto-4
JY43HPW0*KC000101 3HP-0000101 1989 YFM350ER W
JY43HPW0*LC024101 3HP-0024101 1990 YFM350ER A
JY43HPW0*NA049101 3HP-0049101 1992 YFM350ER D
JY43HPW0*PA059101 3HP-0059101 1993 YFM350ER E
JY43HPW0*RA070101 3HP-0070101 1994 YFM350ER F
JY43HPA0*SA080101 3HP-0080101 1995 YFM350ER G
JY42HR00*HC000101 2HR-0000101 1987 YFM350FW T Big Bear 4WD
JY42HRW0*JC050101 2HR-0050101 1988 YFM350FW U Big Bear
JY43HNW0*KC000101 3HN-0000101 1989 YFM350FW W Big Bear
JY43HNW0*LC023101 3HN-0023101 1990 YFM350FW A Big Bear
JY43HNW0*MC048101 3HN-0048101 1991 YFM350FW B Big Bear
JY43HNW0*MA054509 3HN-0054509 1991 YFM350FW B Big Bear
JY43HNW0*NA079101 3HN-0079101 1992 YFM350FW D Big Bear
JY43HNW0*PA107101 3HN-0107101 1993 YFM350FW E Big Bear
JY43HNA0*RA149101 3HN-0149101 1994 YFM350FW F Big Bear
JY43HNA0*SA175101 3HN-0175101 1995 YFM350FW G Big Bear
JY43HNA0*TA209101 3HN-0209101 1996 YFM350FW H Big Bear
JY44UHA0*TA000101 4UH-0000101 1996 YFM350U H Big Bear 2WD
JY44UHA0*VA021682 4UH-0021682 1997 YFM350U J Big Bear 2WD
JY41UY00*HC000101 1UY-0000101 1987 YFM350X T Warrior
JY42XKW0*JC000101 2XK-0000101 1988 YFM350X U Warrior
JY43GDW0*KC000101 3GD-0000101 1989 YFM350X W Warrior
JY42GDW0*LC051101 3GD-0051101 1990 YFM350X A Warrior
JY43GDA0*MC063101 3GD-0063101 1991 YFM350X B Warrior
JY43GDA0*MA067435 3GD-0067435 1991 YFM350X B Warrior
JY43GDA0*NA080101 3GD-0080101 1992 YFM350X D Warrior
JY43GDA0*PA095101 3GD-0095101 1993 YFM350X E Warrior
JYA3GDA0*RA108101 3GD-0108101 1994 YFM350X F Warrior
JY43GDA0*SA124101 3GD-0124101 1995 YFM350X G Warrior
JY43GDA0*TA140101 3GD-0140101 1996 YFM350X H Warrior
JY43GDA0*VA176953 3GD-0176953 1997 YFM350X J Warrior
JY44WUA0*VA000439 4WU-0000439 1997 YFM35FWB J Big Bear 4WD
JY43HNA0*VA242187 3HN-0242187 1997 YFM35FWS J Big Bear 4WD SE
JY44KBA0*SA000101 4KB-0000101 1995 YFM35FX G Wolverine
JY44KBA0*TA026101 4KB-0026101 1996 YFM35FX H Wolverine
JY44KBA0*VA060151 4KB-0060151 1997 YFM35FX J Wolverine
JY42NLA0*JC000101 2NL-0000101 1988 YFP350 U Terrapro
JY42GU00*HC000101 2GU-0000101 1987 YFZ350 T Banshee
JY42GUW0*JC030101 2GU-0030101 1988 YFZ350 U Banshee
JY43GGW0*KC000101 3GG-0000101 1989 YFZ350 W Banshee
JY43GGW0*LC010101 3GG-0010101 1990 YFZ350 A Banshee
JY43GGA0*MC025101 3GG-0025101 1991 YFZ350 B Banshee
JY43GGA0*MA026619 3GG-0026619 1991 YFZ350 B Banshee
JY43GGA0*NA036101 3GG-0036101 1992 YFZ350 D Banshee
JY43GGA0*PA0049101 3GG-0049101 1993 YFZ350 E Banshee
JY43GGA0*RA059101 3GG-0059101 1994 YFZ350 F Banshee
JY43GGA0*SA069101 3GG-0069101 1995 YFZ350 G Banshee
JY43GGA0*TA082101 3GG-0082101 1996 YFZ350 H Banshee
JY43GGA0*VA111026 3GG-0111026 1997 YFZ350 J Banshee
JY44GBW0*PA000101 4GB-0000101 1993 YFM400FW E Kodiak
JY44GBA0*RA033101 4GB-0033101 1994 YFM400FW F Kodiak
JY44GBA0*SA068101 4GB-0068101 1995 YFM400FW G Kodiak
JY44SHA0*TA000101 4SH-0000101 1996 YFM400FW H Kodiak
JY44SHA0*VA052842 4SH-0052842 1997 YFM400FW J Kodiak

* Denotes a character that can change per machine.