Suzuki Starting Frame VIN Number and Engine Serial Numbers

Below is a lookup table to identify the make model and year of your Suzuki ATV. This data covers all ATV models from 1983 to 2001. Model information based on USA market models.

Suzuki Model Identification
VIN Engine Serial Model
KM1TA11A*D*100001 A110- 1983 ALT50 D
KM1TA11A*E*100001 A110- 1984 ALT50 E
LM1TF41A*D*100001 F410- 1983 ALT125 D
LM1TF41A*E*100001 F410- 1984 ALT125 E
LM1TF41A*F1100001 F410- 1985 ALT125 F
LM1TF41A*G1100001 F410- 1986 ALT125 G
LM1TG41A*F1100001 G401- 1985 ALT185 F
KM4AA11A*E*100001 A110- 1984 LT50 E
KM4AA11A*F1100001 A110- 1985 LT50 F
KM4AA11A*G1100001 A110- 1986 LT50 G
KM4AA11A*H1100001 A110- 1987 LT50 H
LM4AC11A*H1100001 C113- 1987 LT80 H
LM4AC11A*J1100001 C113- 1988 LT80 J QuadSport
LM4AC11A*K1100001 C113- 1989 LT80 K QuadSport
LM4AC11A*L1100001 C113- 1990 LT80 L
LM4AC11A*M1100001 C113- 1991 LT80 M QuadSport
LM4AC11A*N1100001 C113- 1992 LT80 N QuadSport
LM4AC11A*P1100001 C113- 1993 LT80 P QuadSport
LM4AC11A*R1100001 C113- 1994 LT80 R QuadSport
LM4AC11A*S1100001 C113- 1995 LT80 S QuadSport
LM4AC11A*T1100001 C113- 1996 LT80 T QuadSport
LM4AC11A*V1100001 C113- 1997 LT80 V QuadSport
LM4AC11A*W1100001 C113- 1998 LT80 W QuadSport
LM4AC11A*X1100001 C113- 1999 LT80 X QuadSport
LM4AC11A*Y1100001 C113- 2000 LT80 Y QuadSport
LM4AC113*11100001 C113- 2001 LT80 K1 QuadSport
JSATF41A*D*100001 F410- 1983 LT125 D
JSAAF41A*E*100001 F410- 1984 LT125 E QuadRunner
JSAAF41A*F2100001 F410- 1985 LT125 F QuadRunner
JSAAF41A*G2100001 F410- 1986 LT125 G QuadRunner
JSAAF41A*H2100001 F410- 1987 LT125 H QuadRunner
KM4AG42A*K1100001 G402- 1989 LT160E K QuadRunner
KM4AG42A*L1100001 G402- 1990 LT160E L QuadRunner
KM4AG42A*M1100001 G402- 1991 LT160E M QuadRunner
KM4AG42A*N1100001 G402- 1992 LT160E N QuadRunner
KM4AG43A*M1100001 G402- 1991 LT-F160 M QuadRunner
KM4AG43A*N1100001 G402- 1992 LT-F160 N QuadRunner
KM4AG43A*P1100001 G402- 1993 LT-F160 P QuadRunner
KM4AG43A*R1100001 G402- 1994 LT-F160 R QuadRunner
KM4AG43A*S1100001 G402- 1995 LT-F160 S QuadRunner
KM4AG43A*T1100001 G402- 1996 LT-F160 T QuadRunner
KM4AG43A*V1100001 G402- 1997 LT-F160 V QuadRunner
KM4AG43A*W1100001 G402- 1998 LT-F160 W QuadRunner
KM4AG43A*X1100001 G402- 1999 LT-F160 X QuadRunner
KM4AG43A*Y1100001 G402- 2000 LT-F160 Y QuadRunner
KM4AG43A*11100001 G402- 2001 LT-F160 K1 QuadRunner
JSAAG41A*E*100001 G401- 1984 LT185 E
JSAAG41A*F2100001 G401- 1985 LT185 F
JSAAG41A*G2100001 G401- 1986 LT185 G
JSAAG41A*H2100001 G401- 1987 LT185 H
JSAAJ46A*H2100001 J416- 1987 LT230E H QuadRunner
JSAAJ46A*J2100001 J416- 1988 LT230E J QuadRunner
JSAAJ46A*K2100001 J416- 1989 LT230E K QuadRunner
JSAAJ46A*L2100001 J416- 1990 LT230E L QuadRunner
JSAAJ46A*M2100001 J416- 1991 LT230E M QuadRunner
JSAAJ46A*N2100001 J416- 1992 LT230E N QuadRunner
JSAAJ46A*P2100001 J416- 1993 LT230E P QuadRunner
JSAAJ42A*F2100001 J410- 1985 LT230GE F QuadRunner
JSAAJ42A*G2100001 J410- 1986 LT230GE G QuadRunner
JSAAJ43A*F2100001 J411- 1985 LT230S F QuadSport
JSAAJ43A*G2100001 J411- 1986 LT230S G QuadSport
JSAAJ43A*H2100001 J411- 1987 LT230S H QuadSport
JSAAJ43A*J2100001 J411- 1988 LT230S J QuadSport
JSAAJ44A*G2100001 J412- 1986 LT-F230 G
JSAAJ44A*H2100001 J412- 1987 LT-F230 H
JSAAJ41A*F2100001 J409- 1985 LT250E F QuadRunner
JSAAJ41A*F2100001 J409- 1985 LT250EF F QuadRunner
JSAAJ41A*G2100001 J409- 1986 LT250EF G QuadRunner
JSAAJ11A*F2100001 J104- 1985 LT250R F QuadRacer
JSAAJ11A*G2100001 J104- 1986 LT250R G QuadRacer
JSAAJ12A*H2100001 J109- 1987 LT250R H QuadRacer
JSAAJ12A*J2100001 J109- 1988 LT250R J QuadRacer
JSAAJ12A*K2100001 J109- 1989 LT250R K QuadRacer
JSAAJ12A*L2100001 J109- 1990 LT250R L QuadRacer
JSAAJ12A*M2100001 J109- 1991 LT250R M QuadRacer
JSAAJ12A*N2100001 J109- 1992 LT250R N QuadRacer
JSAAJ48A*K2100001 J418- 1989 LT250S K QuadSport
JSAAJ48A*L2100001 J418- 1990 LT250S L QuadSport
JSAAJ47A*J2100001 J417- 1988 LT-F250 J QuadRunner
JSAAJ47A*K2100001 J417- 1989 LT-F250 K QuadRunner
JSAAJ47A*L2100001 J417- 1990 LT-F250 L QuadRunner
JSAAJ47A*M2100001 J417- 1991 LT-F250 M QuadRunner
JSAAJ47A*N2100001 J417- 1992 LT-F250 N QuadRunner
JSAAJ47A*P2100001 J417- 1993 LT-F250 P QuadRunner
JSAAJ47A*R2100001 J417- 1994 LT-F250 R QuadRunner
JSAAJ47A*S2100001 J417- 1995 LT-F250 S QuadRunner
JSAAJ47A*T2100001 J417- 1996 LT-F250 T QuadRunner
JSAAJ47A*V2100001 J417- 1997 LT-F250 V QuadRunner
JSAAJ47A*W2100001 J417- 1998 LT-F250 W QuadRunner 2WD
JSAAJ49A*X2100001 J417- 1999 LT-F250 X QuadRunner 2WD
JSAAJ49A*Y2100001 J417- 2000 LT-F250 Y QuadRunner
JSAAJ49A*12100001 J417- 2001 LT-F250 K1 QuadRunner 2WD
JSAAJ45A*H2100001 J413- 1987 LT-4WD H QuadRunner 4WD
JSAAJ45A*J2100001 J413- 1988 LT-4WD J QuadRunner 4WD
JSAAJ45A*K2100001 J413- 1989 LT-4WD K QuadRunner 4WD
JSAAJ45A*L2100001 J413- 1990 LT-4WD L QuadRunner 4WD
JSAAJ45A*M2100001 J413- 1991 LT-4WD M QuadRunner 4WD
JSAAJ45A*N2100001 J413- 1992 LT-4WD N QuadRunner 4WD
JSAAJ45A*P2100001 J413- 1993 LT-4WD P QuadRunner 4WD
JSAAJ45A*R2100001 J413- 1994 LT-4WD R QuadRunner 4WD
JSAAJ45A*S2100001 J413- 1995 LT-4WD S QuadRunner 4WD
JSAAJ45A*T2100001 J413- 1996 LT-4WD T QuadRunner 4WD
JSAAJ45A*V2100001 J413- 1997 LT-F4WD V QuadRunner 4WD
JSAAJ45A*W2100001 J413- 1998 LT-F4WD W QuadRunner 4WD
JSAAJ50A*X2100001 J413- 1999 LT-F250F X QuadRunner 4x4
JSAAJ50A*Y2100001 J413- 2000 LT-F250F Y QuadRunner 4x4
JSAAJ50A*12100001 J413- 2001 LT-F250F K1 QuadRunner 4x4
JSAAK42A*M2100001 K403- 1991 LT-F4WDX M King Quad
JSAAK42A*N2100001 K403- 1992 LT-F4WDX N King Quad 4WD
JSAAK42A*P2100001 K403- 1993 LT-F4WDX P King Quad 4WD
JSAAK42A*R2100001 K403- 1994 LT-F4WDX R King Quad 4WD
JSAAK42A*S2100001 K403- 1995 LT-F4WDX S King Quad 4WD
JSAAK42A*T2100001 K403- 1996 LT-F4WDX T King Quad 4WD
JSAAK42A*V2100001 K403- 1997 LT-F4WDX V King Quad 4WD
JSAAK42A*W2100001 K403- 1998 LT-F4WDX W King Quad 4WD
JSAAK41A*H2100001 K401- 1987 LT300E H QuadRunner
JSAAK41A*J2100001 K401- 1988 LT300E J QuadRunner
JSAAK41A*K2100001 K401- 1989 LT300E K QuadRunner
JSAAK43A*X2100001 K403- 1999 LT-F300F X King Quad 4x4
JSAAK43A*Y2100001 K403- 2000 LT-F300F Y King Quad 4x4
JSAAK43A*12100001 K403- 2001 LT-F300F K1 King Quad 4x4
JSAAM42A*Y2100001 M407- 2000 LT-A500F Y Quad Master
JSAAM42A*12100001 M407- 2001 LT-A500F K1 Quad Master
JSAAM41A*W2100001 M405- 1998 LT-F500F W QuadRunner
JSAAM41A*X2100001 M405- 1999 LT-F500F X QuadRunner
JSAAM41A*Y2100001 M405- 2000 LT-F500F Y QuadRunner
JSAAM41A*12100001 M405- 2001 LT-F500F K1 QuadRunner
JSAAM11A*H2100001 M102- 1987 LT500R H QuadRacer
JSAAM11A*J2100001 M102- 1988 LT500R J QuadRacer
JSAAM11A*K2100001 M102- 1989 LT500R K QuadRacer
JSAAM11A*L2100001 M103- 1990 LT500R L QuadRacer

* Denotes a character that can change per machine.