Honda ATV Machine and Product Codes

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Honda part numbers come in two standard formats; general parts and standard parts. Standard parts generally have a part number with two groups of numbers.

94301-08140 - Dowel Pin (8x14mm)

93894-04018-08 - Screw Washer (4x18mm)

The first number identifies the part type and function and the second section is the part dimensions.

For general parts, the part number typically has three groups of numbers.

61301-HA5-000 - Headlight Case

The first number once again identifies the part type and function while the second number is the product code. The product code is assigned to the parts based on the first application they were designed for. The example above is HA5 which is the code for an ATC350X. The 3rd number is used to identify the manufacture and reversion of the part. Generally this number changes as a part gets updated or Honda sources new suppliers to make them.

Product Code Model Code Model
918 US90 ATC90/US90 1970-1973 (K0 - K1)
937 ATC70 ATC70 1973-1974 (K0 - K1)
942 ATC90 ATC90 1974-1975 (K2 - K3), 1976-1978
950 TB04 FL250 1977-1984
943 TB02 ATC110 1979-1985
957 ATC70, TB03 ATC70 1978-1985
958 TB05 ATC185 1980
958 TB05 ATC185S 1981-1983
958 TB05 ATC200 1981-1983
969 TB05 ATC200ES 1984 (Big Red)
VM0 TE02 FL350R 1985 (Odyssey)
VM3 TB05 ATC200M 1984-1985
VM4 TB05 ATC200S 1984-1986
965 TB05 ATC200X 1983-1985
HB5 TB05 ATC200X 1986-1987
961 TB06 ATC250R 1981-1982
964 TB06 ATC250R 1983-1984
HA2 TB06 ATC250R 1985-1986
968 TE01 ATC125M 1984-1985
HB6 TE01 ATC125M 1986-1987
VM5 TE03 TRX200 1984
HB3 TE03 TRX200SX 1986-1988 (Fourtrax 200SX)
HA0 TE04 ATC250ES 1985-1987 (Big Red)
HA6 TE04 ATC250SX 1985-1987
VM6 TE05 TRX125 1985-1986 (Fourtrax 125)
HC3 TE05 TRX125 1987-1988 (Fourtrax 125)
HA8 TE06 TRX250 1985-1987 (Fourtrax 250)
HA7 TE07 TRX350 1986-1987 (Fourtrax 4X4)
HA7 TE07 TRX350D 1987-1989 (Foreman 4X4)
HA5 TE08 ATC350X 1985-1986
HB2 TE10 TRX70 1986-1987 (Fourtrax 70)
HB7 TE11 TR200 1986-1987 (Fatcat)
HB9 TE12 TRX250R 1986-1989 (Fourtrax 250R)
HC0 TE13 TRX250X 1987-1988, 1991-1992 (Fourtrax 250X)
HC4 TE14 TRX300 1988-1994 (Fourtrax 300)
HM4 TE14 TRX300 1995-2000 (Fourtrax 300)
HC5 TE15 TRX300FW 1988, 1990-1993 (Fourtrax 300 4X4)
HM5 TE15 TRX300FW 1994-2000 (Fourtrax 300 4X4)
HF1 TE17 TRX200 1990-1991 (Fourtrax 200)
HF1 TE17 TRX200D 1991-1997 (Fourtrax 200 Type II)
HF7 TE18 TRX90 1993-2000 (Fourtrax 90)
HM3 TE19 TRX300EX 1993-2000 (Fourtrax 300EX)
HM7 TE18 TRX400FW 1995-2000 (Fourtrax Foreman 4X4)
HM8 TE21 TRX250 1997-2000 (Fourtrax Recon)
HM8 TE21 TRX450ES 1998-2000 (Fourtrax Foreman ES)
HN0 TE22 TRX450S 1998-2000 (Fourtrax Foreman S)
HN1 TE23 TRX400EX 1999-2000
HN4 TRX350TE 2000
HN4 TRX350TM 2000
HN5 TRX350FE 2000
HN5 TRX350FM 2000
HE0 TE16 FL400R 1989-1990 (Pilot)