1994 TRX300FW Specifications

General Specs
Model NameFourtrax 300 4X4
Model CodeTE15
Product CodeHM5
Owner Manual31HM5600
Service Manual61HC406
Dry Weight239 kg (527 lb)
Tire & Rim
Front Tire Size (HxW-R)23x8-11
Rear Tire Size (HxW-R)24x9-11
Cylinder Compression1275 kPa (185 psi)
Oil Capacity - Oil Change2.2 L (2.3 US qt; 1.9 Imp qt)
Identification MarkVE91A
Main Jet#125
Pilot Jet/Slow Jet#40
Starter Jet#85
Jet Needle Clip Position3rd Groove
Float Level18.5 mm (0.7 in)
Engine Idle1400 RPM
Ignition TypeDC CDI
Spark PlugDPR8EA-9 (NGK)
X24EPR-U9 (Denso)
Spark Plug Gap Max0.8-0.9 mm (0.031-0.035 in)
Pulse Generator290-360 Ω
Pulse Generator Peak Voltage0.7 V minimum
Exciter Coil Peak Voltage100 V minimum
Ignition Coil Primary0.1-0.2 Ω
Ignition Coil Secondary w/o Cap3600-4500 Ω
Ignition Coil Secondary w/ Cap4,500-10,000 Ω
Primary Coil Peak Voltage100 V minimum
Initial Ignition Timing13.0° BTDC
Full Advance Ignition Timing31.0° BTDC

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