1984 YT60 L Tri-Zinger Specifications

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Manufacturer: Yamaha

Year: 1984

Model: YT60L

Model Code: 36R

Frame Starting Number: 36R-000101

Engine Starting Number: 36R-000101


Length: 51.2in (1300mm)

Width: 29.7in (755mm)

Height: 28.3in (720mm)

Seat Height: 19.3in (490mm)

Wheelbase: 33.9in (860mm)

Ground Clearance: 4in (110mm)

Weight (with oil and full fuel tank): 119lb (54kg)

Turning Radius: 63in (1600mm)

Caster Angle: 23 Degrees

Trail: 1.77in (45mm)

Steering Bearing Type: Ball Bearing

Upper Bearing Balls: 26pcs 5/32in

Lower Bearing Balls: 22pcs 3/16in

Tire & Rim

Tire Type: Tubeless

Front Tire Size: 15x7x6

Rear Tire Size: 15x7x6

Tire Pressure: 2.4-15psi

Front Rim Size: 5.5x6in Steel

Rear Rim Size: 5.5x6in Steel


Engine Type: 2 Stroke Air Cooled

Displacement: 59cc

Bore x Stroke: 44.0x39.2mm (1.73x1.54in)

Compression Ratio: 6.6:1

Starting System: Recoil Starter

Fuel Type: Regular Gasoline

2 Stroke Oil Capacity: 0.74 US qt (0.7L, 0.62 Imp qt)


Transmission Oil: 10W30 type SE

Transmission Oil Capacity (Total): 0.37 US qt (0.35L, 0.31 Imp qt)

Transmission Oil Capacity (Oil Change): 0.32 US qt (0.30L, 0.26 Imp qt)


Carburetor: Mikuni VM12SC

ID Mark: 36R00

Main Jet: 92.5

Jet Needle Clip Position: 3x1-3

Needle Jet: E-8

Pilot Jet: 40

Pilot Air Screw: 2 turns out

Starter Jet: 40

Float Height 0.65 +/- 0.04in (16.5 +/- 1mm)

Fuel Level: 0.12 +/- 0.04in (3 +/- 1mm

Engine Idle: 1700rpm

Air Filter: Wet Type Element

Air Filter Oil: Foam Air Filter Oil or 10W30 type SE


Ignition System: CDI

Spark Plug: NGK BP6HS or Denso W20FP-U

Spark Plug Gap: 0.024-0.028in (0.6-0.7mm)

Pulse Generator/Pickup Coil Resistance (White/Red): 20 ohms +/- 10% at 68F (20C)

Exciter Coil Resistance (Black/Red Wire): 330 ohms +/- 10% at 68F(20C)

Lighting Coil Resistance (White Wire): 0.63 ohms +/- 10% at 68F (20C)

Ignition Coil Primary Coil Resistance: 1.6 ohms +/- 10% at 68F (20C)

Ignition Coil Secondary Winding Resistance: 6.6K ohms +/- 10% at 68F (20C)

Ignition Timing: 16 degrees +/- 1.5 degrees at 5000rpm

Ignition Timing Advancement Type: Electrical


Generator System: Flywheel Magneto

Voltage: 6v

Wattage: ???


Clutch Type: Wet, Automatic, Wet Centrifugal Clutch

Primary Reduction System: Gear

Primary Reduction Ratio 63/33 (1.909)

Secondary Reduction System: Shaft Drive

Secondary Reduction Ratio: 19/15 x 49/7 (8.866)


Rear Brake Operation: Left Hand

Rear Brake Type: Drum

Rear Brake Drum Inside Diameter: 4.33in (110mm)

Limit - 4.37in (111mm)


Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork

Front Shock Absorber: Coil Spring

Front Wheel Travel: 2.4in (60mm)

Rear Suspension: Rigid

Shaft Drive

Lubrication: Lithium Base Wheel Bearing Grease

Capacity: 2.7 US oz