1985 ATC350X Specifications

General Specs
Model CodeTE08
Product CodeHA5
Frame VIN LocationStamped on right side of frame neck
Engine Serial LocationOn top of right side cover directly under exhaust pipe
Frame Starting NumberJH*TE080*FM000001
Engine Starting NumberTE08E-5000001
Owner Manual31HA5600
Service Manual61HA501
Length1890 mm (74.4 in)
Width1115 mm (43.9 in)
Height1082 mm (42.6 in)
Seat Height750 mm (29.5 in)
Wheelbase1270 mm (50 in)
Ground Clearance120 mm (4.7 in)
Dry Weight145 kg (319.7 lb)
Caster Angle23°
Trail34.5 mm (1.36 in)
Tire & Rim
Front Tire Size (HxW-R)23.5x8-11
Rear Tire Size (HxW-R)22x10-9
Engine Type4 Stroke Air & Oil Cooled
Cylinder ArrangementSingle cylinder inclined 20 degrees
Valve TrainOverhead camshaft - chain drive
Displacement350.4 cc (21.4 ci)
Bore81 mm (3.2 in)
Stroke68 mm (2.7 in)
Compression Ratio8.5:1
Cylinder Compression1150-1350 kPa (167-196 psi)
Horsepower27 PS (26.6 hp)
Torque3 kg/m3 (21.7 ft-lb)
Starter TypeForward kick start
Fuel TypeRegular Gasoline
Oil Capacity - Total2.3 L (2.4 US qt; 2 Imp qt)
Oil Capacity - Oil Change1.8 L (1.9 US qt; 1.6 Imp qt)
Engine Dry Weight41.5 kg (91.5 lb)
Drive Train & Transmission
Clutch TypeManual wet multiplate
Transmission Type6 speed constant mesh
Primary Reduction2.833
First Gear2.750
Second Gear2.050
Third Gear1.609
Fourth Gear1.308
Fifth Gear1.103
Sixth Gear0.935
Final Reduction3.077
Gear Shift Pattern1 - N - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
Drive Chain (Size/Links)520/90
Identification MarkQA05A
TypeDual Valve
Throttle Bore31 mm (1.2 in)
Main Jet#138
Pilot Jet/Slow Jet#45
Jet Needle Clip Position3rd Groove
Pilot Screw Adjustment1 3/4 Turns out
Float Level18.5 mm (0.7 in)
Engine Idle1400 RPM
Air Filter TypeOiled Urethane Foam
Fuel Tank Capacity9.7 L (2.6 US gal; 2.1 Imp gal)
Fuel Tank Reserve1.7 L (0.4 US gal; 0.4 Imp gal)
Ignition TypeCDI - AC
CDI Identification MarkCI-92 (HA5)
Spark PlugDR8ES-L (NGK), X24ESR-U (Denso)
Spark Plug Gap Max0.6-0.7 mm (0.024-0.028 in)
Pulse Generator297-363 Ω
Exciter Coil20-150 Ω (Denso), 200-350 Ω (Mitsuba)
Lighting Coil0.1-1 Ω (Denso), 0.2-1 Ω (Mitsuba)
Ignition Coil Primary0.16-0.2 Ω
Ignition Coil Secondary w/o Cap3690-4510 Ω
Initial Ignition Timing10.0° BTDC
Full Advance Ignition Timing30.0° BTDC
Ignition Advancement TypeElectronic
Voltage12 V
Power TypeAC Single Phase
Alternator Max Output200 W
Alternator Max Output RPM5000 RPM
Regulator Voltage13.5-14.5 V
Regulator Resistance100000Ω
Front Brake OperationRight Hand
Rear Brake OperationRight Foot
Front Brake TypeHydraulic Disc
Rear Brake TypeHydraulic Disc
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork
Rear SuspensionSwing arm, Mono Shock
Front Wheel Travel203 mm (8 in)
Rear Wheel Travel194 mm (7.6 in)
Front Fork Oil Capacity290 cc (9.8 US fl oz; 10.2 Imp fl oz)

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